Making Rockets, Building Engineers

The University of Minnesota Rocket Team is committed to providing its members with hands-on engineering experience by designing, building, and launching high-powered rockets. 

Our student-run organization competes in the annual Spaceport America Cup (SAC) rocketry competition, and has a history of participating in various other competitions including the Space Grant Midwest High-Power Rocket Competition, the Bayer Alka Rocket Challenge, and NASA's USLI. We also currently operate a High Altitude R&D project, aiming to maximize our achievable altitude from SRAD solid rocket motors. 

One of the most recent successes of the team include winning the 30k SRAD category at the Spaceport America Cup 2023. We also received the most points overall

Other successes include being declared overall winner in SAC 2021 winning the 30k SRAD category at SAC 2021 & 2019, placing 1st overall at Midwest 2019, and in the Alka Rocket Challenge in 2019. Our highest recorded launch as a team is currently 44,910 feet, set by our high-altitude project at Spaceport America.


The work we do would not be possible without the donations from generous individuals like you. Please consider donating to our team in any amount to aid in the advancement of our team. 

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